I am a passionate educational leader who strives to inspire and empower students and teachers.  Currently, I oversee a grant from Digital Promise, funded by the Verizon Foundation.   The grant is designed to close the digital divide. The grant has awarded our middle school 1:1 devices for every student. Collaboration with district leaders, stake holders, representatives from Digital Promise and the Verizon Foundation was crucial in the adoption and success of the technology program. As the supervisor of the program, I have enacted device management processes, determined funding allocations, devised professional learning plans, and promoted the development of student technology leaders.

Most recently,  our middle school has added a state of the art innovation lab, funded by Verizon Innovative Learning Schools.  As the manager of the space, the technology, and the professional development I have been tasked with additional leadership requirements.  I aim to cultivate a positive learning culture through a growth mindset and a shared leadership philosophy.  I will continue to collaborate with stakeholders, business partners, and educational professionals to build capacity and expand our programs each year in order to better prepare our students for the global economy.

My journey as an instructional coach and innovative educator can help educators and administrators who have limited resources. My experience differs from others in educational technology. I am not limited to sharing experiences and information about curriculum, pedagogy, software applications, and content. I can also share information and best practices for managing technology integration, device deployment, and addressing marginalized learners.

Over the past four years, I have implemented the following initiatives and programs within our middle school (thanks to Digital Promise and the Verizon Innovative Learning Program):

Penn Literacy Network Participant: Integrating  Literacy across all content areas

Instructional Coach for Bristol Township School District

Facilitator Professional Development for the Bristol Township School District

Manager 1:1 Initiative

Deploys and Manages 800+  student devices

Applied, Awarded, and Oversees Verizon Extension Grant

Mentors Student Tech Team (Tiger Techs)

Mentors Girls In Technology Group (GIT)

Pennsylvania Institute of Instructional Coaching Member and Presenter

Steam Leadership Council Member

Bristol Township School District Summer STEAM Camp

Follow along as we try to keep up with our students and their immersion in technology and the digital world. All while leading our teachers and students to leverage technology in the most effective and efficient ways!